Privacy and Security

We believe that the security of your personal information is more than important. In order to have a strong and long-term relationship with you, we recommend you go through the steps we have taken to protect your identity and personal information.

We NEVER sell your information to anyone. Our company shares ONLY the required information to our partners when required.

OCMB offers you to choose your own preferred way to market its own and affiliates’ products. We offer mail, telephone, and e-mail marketing options. If you have any questions or comments, you can always reach us on our contact number or email us.

Online Privacy Practices

Your privacy matters and we value your trust. We follow a code for our online privacy practices. These are applicable to consumers who visit, interact with or use our online services.

Our website and application are included in our online services.

  • We may collect your information when you visit any of our online services, use them, or interact with them.
  • We may also collect information through display ads of our services operated by us or a third party.

We may also use the collected information (collected via our online services) and associate it with your other information.


By using or visiting any of our online services, responding to any of the electronic communications that we might have sent you, or by clicking on any of our ads, you agree to share your information with us.

Our Mobile and Online Security

OCMB takes pride to provide you with a protected online experience that helps us protect our website, mobile app, and your personal information against any potential hacking attempt. Our team is fully trained to execute our security policies and work to protect the integrity of your private information.

We use the best industry-accepted security practices. It includes high-end encryption and firewalls that secure your personal financial information. This practice allows us to properly authenticate your identity when you want to access your account through our mobile app. It also helps in protecting your information as it travels from your device to our bank over the internet. Our security department keeps monitoring and assessing the security of our online services.

While we do everything to keep your information protected, It is also crucial to take all possible precautions to protect your personal information from your end.

What Do We Do?

The security of your personal data and our website is our topmost priority. We believe that the safety of your personal and financial information is way beyond our banking relationship with you. With your help, we help to prevent fraud, vishing, SMShing, and pishing. We also provide you with the latest information to enable you to safeguard your desktop, mobile, and other online experiences with us.

What You Can Do?

While we work day and night to make your data secure, you also need to be careful enough to fall prey to identity theft and fraud. By regularly reviewing your account to spot if there is an unusual activity, the use of reputed security software, and awareness of current fraud threats, you can reduce security risks significantly.

How Does Deposit Insurance Works?

CDIC or Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation provides deposit insurance. There are seven basic categories that fall under CDIC coverage:

  • Deposits held in one name
  • Deposits held in more than one name [joint account(s)]
  • Deposits held in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
  • Deposits held in a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)
  • Deposits held in a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
  • Deposits held in trust
  • Deposits held for paying taxes on mortgaged properties

CDIC covers up to $100,000 per account, including the amount of interest and principal. It also covers foreign currencies like the USD.

However, please note that CDIC does not cover any losses due to theft or fraud. It is also important to note that CDIC does not include stocks or frauds as well.

Terms of Uses

OCMB is committed to providing you with the information and services in a convenient and accessible way, through our mobile banking app. We want our online services to be as open and inclusive as possible. However, at the same time, we want all our services to be secure, safe, and in accordance with the country’s law. Therefore, when you use our online banking service, the following Terms of Use apply.