Can A Non-Resident Get A Credit Card In Canada?

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  • November 20, 2021
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As a non-resident, you may be wondering if you can get a credit card in Canada. This post will guide you on the different credit card options available to you.

Whether you’re coming to Canada on a business trip, a family vacation or to settle and start a life here, a Canadian credit card can make things a lot easier for you. From transitioning and settling in a new home, carrying out business transactions, making daily purchases, or paying for your kid’s college fee, a credit card can be much more helpful than you think. The good news is, there are multiple credit card options available to you in Canada, even as a non-resident.

Do I Really Need A Credit Card?

A credit card is an absolute necessity if you’re an immigrant to Canada and plan to stay here. However, even if you’re here for a temporary visit, a credit card offers several benefits that you would otherwise miss out on.

For starters, it saves you money. If you’re making transactions in Canada from your bank account back home, you’ll be paying hefty sums each time in the shape of foreign transaction fees. Making transactions via a Canadian credit card will prove much cheaper.

Furthermore, owning a credit card opens doors to some amazing perks, depending on the kind of card you hold. These advantages may include cash-backs and rewards.

With a credit card, you can start building a credit history that can help you out and even offer some benefits if you ever decide to immigrate to Canada even if you’re on a temporary visit for now.

Types Of Credit Cards For Non-Residents

●     Newcomer Accounts

Reputed Canadian banks offer newcomer accounts for their customers. The credit cards come with chequing or saving accounts suited to the needs of newcomers to Canada. They typically require you to deposit a minimum amount in the account connected to the credit card. On the plus side, they often include some additional benefits like reward points, payment protection, and more.

●     Prepaid Credit Cards

You can get these from grocery stores, gas stations, and several other locations. Once the initial amount that you load in it at the time of purchase is used up, you can reload it at stores, or through an online portal. They often offer extra benefits, including cash backs, particularly if you load larger amounts.

●     Secured Credit Cards

These types of credit cards are a great option if you want to build credit while spending in Canada. You have to deposit an initial amount in your account and will be charged interest on any amount that you carry for more than a month. It lets you build a credit history if you have any plans to settle in Canada.

●     Branded Store Cards

These types of credit cards are typically associated with a store and therefore, there is only limited use for them. Different stores offer different benefits and have different requirements for these cards.


To sum it up, you’re the best judge of what suits you most. Depending on how long you want to stay in Canada, your future plans, and the nature of your spendings, at least one of the above credit card varieties will work for you.

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